An ISO (Independent Sales Organization) is an individual or organization that is not an Association member (meaning not a Visa or MasterCard member bank), but has a bank card relationship with an actual Association member.  Such a relationship can involve various things, but ISOs will commonly: find, open, and manage credit-card processing accounts on behalf of businesses (Merchants) who wish to accept credit cards as a form of payment.  As such, ISOs are also called merchant service providers (MSPs).

These partnerships not only require that the (acquiring) bank verify the financial stability and suitability of the ISO that will be marketing on its behalf, but additionally, they require that the ISO verify the stability and suitability of the Merchant being sponsored. 

IDCoin's unique 4-in-1 Document-Collection Platform is the perfect solution for ISOs who are looking to meet their regulatory requirements and needs for:

  • Fully Customizable Registration + Document Collection

  • Identity Verification + KYC Diligence

  • Background Checks + AML Diligence

  • Inteli•SPIDER + AI Monitoring

  • PCI/DSS-Compliance

  • Ongoing Review, Management, and Storage

IDCoin's RegTech Platform uses cutting-edge, biometrics, and patented technology to avert identity fraud, fight cyber-crime, avoid security breeches, minimize labor and costs, and increase revenue; all the while effectively and efficiently meeting the latest regulatory requirements.

IDCoin ™ is the first document-collection platform to unify real-time, omni-channel, ON•BOARDING™, GLOBAL•KYC™, BIOMETRIC•AML™, and INTELI•CRM™; all under 1 WHITE-LABEL FRAMEWORK.