In today's financial services marketplace, there are nine (9) major Financial Institutions (defined as, companies engaged in the business of dealing with monetary transactions, such as deposits, loans, investments and currency exchange):

  1. Central banks

  2. Retail and Commercial Banks

  3. Internet Banks

  4. Credit Unions

  5. Investment Banks and Companies

  6. Savings and Loan Associations

  7. Brokerage Firms

  8. Mortgage Companies

  9. Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are one of the oldest non-banking financial services; providing personal or corporate protection of assets and protection against financial risk (due to death, disability, accidents, property damage and other misfortunes).

Like all other financial institutions, the success of insurance companies is highly dependent upon:

  • a successful agent and customer onboarding experience

  • a successful agent and customer engagement experience

  • compliance to the increasing onslaught of KYC/AML regulations

In regard to onboarding, research has indicated that a successful onboarding and engagement process: 

  • establishes strong relationships between insurance companies and agents right from the beginning

  • improves new agent-hire retention by 82 percent

  • improves productivity by more than 70 percent

In regard to KYC/AML and sanctions compliance, the challenge for financial institutions globally to adhere to these regulations, remains significant .  With notable differences between regions, and as rules, regulations, and various sanctions regimes continue to become more complex, the performance of comprehensive risk assessments and establishing a culture of compliance is becoming increasingly necessary. 

As such, insurance companies who are looking for a unique and single solution for the success of their agent and customer onboarding/engagement, and who are looking to better identify, and avoid potential KYC/AML risks and penalties, will value IDCoin's seamless and intuitive Full-Service RegTech Platform.

Using cutting-edge, biometrics, and patented technology, IDCoin will help your company avert identity fraud, fight illicit crime, avoid security breeches, minimize labor and costs, and increase revenue; all the while effectively and efficiently meeting the latest KYC/AML regulatory requirements.  

IDCoin's suite of services is unlike any other in the industry:

  • Fully Customizable Registration + Document Collection

  • Identity Verification + KYC Diligence

  • Background Checks + AML Diligence

  • Inteli•SPIDER + AI Monitoring

  • PCI/DSS-Compliant

  • Ongoing Review, Management, Sharing and Storage 

IDCoin ™ is the first document-collection platform to unify real-time, omni-channel, ON•BOARDING™, GLOBAL•KYC™, BIOMETRIC•AML™, and INTELI•CRM™; all under 1 WHITE-LABEL FRAMEWORK.