Each year ~18 million events are organized, operated, and attended (in the United States alone).  Sporting events are the most popular, with professional football, baseball and soccer attracting ~123 million people annually, and music festivals increasingly popular, drawing over 32 million people each year. 

Globally the total tickets sold by the Top 100 live music artists was a record 66.79 million in 2017. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, events and conventions are expected to expand by 44% from 2010 to 2020.

Needless to say, throughout every year, events bring together millions of people from around the globe, filling confined areas, stadiums, concert-halls, etc., and an important and critical concern for events' sponsors is the safety and security (of all parties involved), in creating a successful and fun-filled event!


  • Are the people organizing, operating, and attending your event, who they claim to be?

  • Are the people organizing, operating, and attending your event, in abidance with laws and regulations?

  • Are the people organizing and operating your event able to communicate (in real-time) with the event-goers (via SMS or Mobile Alerts)?

Among the biggest factors in ensuring the safety and security of events is, identity verification (i.e., KYC), management, and communications.

IDCoin ™ is the first document-collection platform to unify real-time, omni-channel, ON•BOARDING™, GLOBAL•KYC™, BIOMETRIC•AML™, and INTELI•CRM™; all under 1 WHITE-LABEL FRAMEWORK:


  • Real-time and synchronized (mobile + web desktop) document collection:

    • Android

    • iOS

    • HTML5

    • PCI/DSS compliant


  • Your logo

  • Seamless URL

  • Fully customized CRM (customer relations management) and system alerts

DOCUMENT COLLECTION (fully customized):

  • Access-security (ie, secured login) options

  • Personal and Business Profile options

  • Supporting document capture options, including, but not limited to:

    • Live "Selfie"

    • Government issued photo ID

    • Bank statements

    • Tax returns

    • Legally binding on-screen signatures

GLOBAL•KYC™ (including, but not limited to):

  • IDCoin Internet Scan: Owner Name

  • IDCoin Internet Scan: Owner Location

  • IDCoin Internet Scan: Business Name

  • IDCoin Internet Scan: Business Location

  • IDCoin SPIDER: Business URL

  • Verification (Owner Residence)

  • Verification (Business Address)

  • Property Value Estimates (Owner Residence)

  • Property Value Estimates (Business Address)

  • "MATCH" List (The Global Merchant Watchlist by MasterCard)

  • Equifax Credit Report (Owner)

  • Lexis-Nexis Scan (Owner)

  • Lexis-Nexis Scan (Business)

Biometric•AML™ (including, but not limited to):

  • DEA Scan (Face Biometrically Enhanced)

  • FBI Scan (Face Biometrically Enhanced)

  • INTERPOL Scan (Face Biometrically Enhanced)

  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children(Face Biometrically Enhanced) Scan

Which means --

Event Sponsors can assess (the safety and security of) their organizers, operators, vendors, and attendees with confidence; using Intelitruth's unique PCI/DSS-Compliant Full Service RegTech Platform.  

Additionally, IDCoin enables event coordinators to effortlessly communicate (in real time), with event-goers via SMS or Mobile Alerts:

  • announce specials

  • announce contest winners

  • announce cancellations or changes to schedules

  • etc.

With cutting-edge, biometrics, and patented technology IDCoin provides ongoing and up-to-date KYC information (via customizable monitoring and customizable scanning-times) to avert identity fraud, fight cyber-crime, avoid security breeches, minimize labor and costs, and maintain a safe operating environment.

Schools that use IDCoin will be provided with unprecedented KYC verification, management and security.