In 2018, global eCommerce sales are expected to generate ~653 billion U.S. dollars. This staggering number is not all that surprising given the fact that pretty much everything under the sun can be bought online.

But in order for any eCommerce business to be successful, (especially retailers of high-end products and services) it is important to consider strategies that will promote product sales (ie, maximize conversion rates), minimize fraudulent purchases and charge-backs, and avoid legal trouble.

Some examples of high-end eCommerce retail products include (but are not limited to):

  • antiques

  • art

  • appliances,

  • cars

  • jewelry

  • vacation packages

  • etc.

Some examples of strategies that will promote the success of eCommerce businesses include (but are not limited to):

  • establish trust and transparency

  • demonstrate security, efficiency, ease of use, and authentic communication

With the above in mind, eCommerce businesses (especially those that are considered to be "high risk" or are selling goods of "high value") will benefit tremendously from IDCoin's innovative Platform.

Retailers and customers can begin to establish a mutual level of trust and transparency by using IDCoin's AML•Verify Me! ™ (FREE) service.  Both retailers and customers can instantly gain valuable insight into one another simply by presenting a (PCI/GDPR/DSS/KYC/AML-compliant) IDCoin Oboarding AML•Verify Me! ™ Certificate (link) to each other.

Additionally, eCommerce businesses who are looking for solutions to minimize fraudulent purchases and charge-backs, and avoid legal trouble, will value IDCoin's seamless and intuitive platform.

Using cutting-edge, biometrics, and patented technology, IDCoin will help your company avert identity fraud, fight illicit crime, avoid security breeches, minimize labor and costs, and increase revenue; all the while securely and efficiently meeting the latest KYC/AML regulatory requirements.  

IDCoin's suite of services is unlike any other in the industry:

  • Fully Customizable Registration + Document Collection

  • Identity Verification + KYC Diligence

  • Background Checks + AML Diligence

  • Inteli•SPIDER + AI Monitoring

  • PCI/DSS-Compliant

  • Ongoing Review, Management, Sharing and Storage 

IDCoin ™ is the first document-collection platform to unify real-time, omni-channel, ON•BOARDING™, GLOBAL•KYC™, BIOMETRIC•AML™, and INTELI•CRM™; all under 1 WHITE-LABEL FRAMEWORK.