Due to mounting regulatory-compliance pressures, Banks and other financial institutions are now seeking secure, efficient and user friendly solutions, to ensure that their compliance systems are up-to-date and capable of accommodating the ever-changing regulatory requirements across the entire breadth of jurisdictions in which they operate.

Tier One banks are estimated to be spending more than $1 billion a year on compliance-related costs, while $270 billion per year is being spent by the industry as a whole.

With the expansion of the number and complexity of compliance laws, and the associated costs to accommodate them, IDCoin's full-service RegTech Platform offers Banks and other financial institutions a suite of services unlike any other in the industry.

IDCoin's unique 4-in-1 Document-Collection Platform is perfectly suited for Banks and other financial institutions who are looking for a fully customizable, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use, PCI/DSS-compliant profile collection, management, and storage solution, to meet their regulatory-compliance needs.

IDCoin's RegTech Platform uses cutting-edge, biometrics, and patented technology to avert identity fraud, fight cyber-crime, avoid security breeches, minimize labor and costs, and increase revenue; all the while effectively and efficiently meeting Banking Industry regulatory requirements.

IDCoin is the first document-collection platform to unify real-time, omni-channel, ON•BOARDING™, GLOBAL•KYC™, BIOMETRIC•AML™, and INTELI•CRM™; all under 1 WHITE-LABEL FRAMEWORK.